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A Novel Defending Attack method for Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Sasubilli Santoshi kumari; Mr. G.Rajendra kumar


Now a days  spoofing attack are very easy and can can cause significant damage to the network performance.  In this paper we propose the noval approach to defend spoofing by detecting spoofing attack,determing number of attackers and by localizing  adversaries.and also we propose to use the spatial correlation of received signal strength (RSS)  from wireless nodes to detect the spoofing attacks in wireless network.

Keywords: Wireless network security, spoofing attack, attack detection, localization.

Compressed key Cryptosystem for Scalable secure data sharing in public cloud

Authors: D Laxmi Sony ;Ch Ciranjeevi


Information offering is an imperative usefulness in distributed storage. In this article, we demonstrate to safely, productively, and adaptably impart information to others in distributed storage. We depict new open key cryptosystems which deliver steady size cipher texts such that productive designation of unscrambling rights for any arrangement of cipher texts are conceivable. Theoddity is that one can total any arrangement of mystery keys and make them as conservative as as olitary key, yet incorporating the force of every lastone of keys being amassed. As such, the mystery key holder can discharge a steady size total key for adaptable decisions of cipher text set in distributed storage; however the other scrambled records outside the set stay private. This reduced total key can be helpfully sent to others or be put away in a shrewd card with extremely restricted secure stockpiling. We give formal security investigation of our plans in the standard model. We likewise depict other utilization of our plans. Specifically, our plansgive the first open key patient-controlled encryption for adaptable progression, which was yet to beknown.

Keywords: Cloud storage, Key-aggregatecryptosystem (KAC), Cryptosystem, Encryption,Decryption, Compressed key

Secure Authentication for Mobile and Pervasive Computing

Authors: P venkateswaralu;K Sudheer Kumar


With today’s technology, many applications rely on the existence of small devices that can exchange information and form communication networks. In a significant portion of such applications, the confidentiality and integrity of the communicated messages are of particular interest. In this work, we propose a novel technique for authenticating short encrypted messages that are directed to meet the requirements of mobile and pervasive applications. By taking advantage of the fact that the message to be authenticated must also be encrypted, we propose provably secure authentication codes that are more efficient than any message authentication code in the literature. The key idea behind the proposed technique is to append a short random string to the plaintext message before encryption to facilitate a more efficient authentication.


Keywords: Authentication, unconditional security, computational security, universal hash-function families, pervasive computing
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